• Aïssa Maïga, 2019

    Eva Sakellarides/Photo12

  • Agnès Jaoui, 2012

    Thibault Grabherr/Photo12

  • VW Beetle

    Photo12/imageBROKER/Bernhard Schmerl

  • Colourful sweets and sugar


  • The Museum at Le Havre' by Claude Monet

    Photo12/Ann Ronan Picture Library

  • Love locks on pier

    Photo12/imageBROKER/Jurgen Wackenhut

  • Jetty with rowing boat in the reeds

    Photo12/imageBROKER/Andreas Vitting

  • Puffin

    Photo12/imageBROKER/Daniel Kreher

  • The Grand Hall

    Photo12/imageBROKER/Michael Pasdzior

  • Aerial photograph

    Photo12/imageBROKER/Hans Blossey

  • Endless staircase

    Photo12/imageBROKER/Manfred Bail

  • A book for children: Napoleon Bonaparte and the possible invasion of England


  • Photo12/Collection Bernard Crochet

  • Copy of Juan de La Cosa's map (detail)

    Alfredo Dagli Orti/Photo12

  • Céline Dion

    Jean-Marie Mazeau/Photo12

  • Alain Bashung

    Jean-Marie Périer/Photo12

  • La Croisière

    Jean-Marie Leroy/Photo12

  • Caillebotte, Skiffs

    Photo12/Liszt Collection

  • Edward Matthew Ward, "Queen Victoria and Emperor Napoleon III visiting the tomb of Emperor Napoleon I"

    Michel Bury/Photo12

  • Betheny. Take-off of the dirigible balloon Zodiac III

    Photo12/Société Française de Photographie

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