•   Photo12/Liszt Collection/Artokoloro

  • The Conquest of Constantinople by the Crusaders. Artist: Chatzis, Vasilios (1870-1915)

      Photo12/Heritage Images/Fine Art Images

  • Renaud

      Jean-Marie Mazeau/Photo12

  • Giotto, Saint François chasse les démons d'Arezzo (détail)

      Alfredo Dagli Orti/Photo12

  • Yungang Datong world unesco heritage ancient

      Photo12/Alamy/carlos cardetas

  • Bang Bang

      Marcel Dole/Photo12

  •   Photo12/Liszt Collection/Artokoloro

  • Reportage in NYC

      Eva Sakellarides/Photo12

  • Bernard Pivot, 1990

      Jacques Loew/Photo12

  •   Photo12/Liszt Collection/Artokoloro

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