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  turns 50 on December 23

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Elysée Palace in Paris, February 2011
Photographer: Emanuele Scorcelletti

On December 23, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy will turn 50. In 10 years only, she has left her mark on the world of fashion. She has worked for great fashion houses such as Dior, Givenchy, Christian Lacroix, Yves Saint-Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, etc. Since 1997 she has been making cinema and music: she played roles in three films and released four albums.

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By Jean-Marie Périer

In the 1990s, French photographer Jean-Marie Périer was asked to work on photo series called 'The World of Fashion Designers'. He staged the most beautiful models wearing the fabulous creations of iconic fashion designers.

Yves Saint-Laurent and Carla Bruni wearing a wedding dress. Homage to Georges Braque. 1998. Photo Jean-Marie Périer.

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