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Rock n'roll!

Vince Taylor and the Bobbie Clarke Noise. On left, British bassist Alan Bugby performing at Golf-Drouot in Paris, 1964. Photographer: André Crudo

Passionate about music, André Crudo is also a French photographer. When he wins a camera at a raffle organized by his school, it's the beginning of a long passion that will make him the privileged witness of an era of artistic mutations in France. In 1960, he is working as an assistant at Vogue France when he meets the young and inexperienced Johnny Hallyday, who will become later the greatest singer of his generation. At the same period, he is also hired in the same band as the novice guitarist named Jacques Dutronc...

André Crudo will also witness the advent of the mythical Golf-Drouot in Paris, a club where all Parisian youth would come, dance and listen to the new French or international talents. He will also photograph them all performing at the Paris Olympia Hall: The Kinks, Roy Orbison, Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys, Ella Fitzgerald, etc.

Covering a period of 10 years, from 1964 to 1977, the photographs of André Crudo tell the story of the rock explosion in France and the emergence of a counter-culture guided by a youth eager for freedom.

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The Golf-Drouot in Paris

It was created in 1955 by Henri Leproux and all major artists have performed on this stage when they were inexperienced.

On left: Spectators attending a concert at the Paris Golf-Drouot in 1964.

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Jacques Dutronc

Alors His very fisrt steps as a guitarist in the band 'El Toro et les Cyclones'.

On left: Eddy Mitchell and Jacques Dutronc performing at the Paris Golf-Drouot in 1965.

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Johnny Hallyday

His first concerts at the Golf-Drouot, but also at the Paris Olympia Hall and during TV shows.

On left: Johnny Hallyday performing with Micky Jones, Eddie Vartan and Gilles Pellegrini sur la scène du Golf-Drouot à Paris en 1965.

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Anglo-Saxon bands

Plusieurs Many Anglo-Saxon bands have been photographed by André Crudo: The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Roy Orbison, Tom Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, etc.

On left: Mick Jagger performing at the Paris Olympia Hall on October 20, 1964.

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