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Le Chat
stories behind the movie


Directed by Pierre Granier-Deferre in 1971, the French movie 'Le Chat' gathers the greatest actors of that time: Simone Signoret and Jean Gabin.

Based on Georges Simenon's 1967 novel 'The Cat', the movie introduce a couple who hardly talk to each other in their small house located in the suburbs of Paris, in Courbevoie. The cat being the only one the man still gives affection to, he becomes soon the object of the wife's anger.

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A city undergoing changes

The set of the film is located in Courbevoie and shows the difficulty for the inhabitants to live in a city undergoing changes, just before the development of the district of La Défense.



Bears for the Cat

In 1971 the film was awarded by three Bears (one Golden Bear for Best movie, Silver Bears for Best Actor and Best Actress).



Marcel Dole, still photographer

Photo12 holds more than 500 photographs from Marcel Dole's archive. From 1950s to 1970s, they show an aspect of a past France through movies.

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