Photo : Jean-Marie Périer
Actor, producer and director: Kirk Douglas was one of the last surviving stars from Hollywood's Golden Age. Son of Jewish Russian immigrants, he was raised in poverty but learnt fast combativeness to reach his goals.
He played in more than 91 films where he played the lead and which are now iconic movies: The Big Sky (1952), Paths of Glory (1957), 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954), Spartacus (1960), etc.

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20 000 Leagues Under the Sea, 1954.
Prod.: Walt Disney Productions
Spartacus, 1960
Prod.: Universal Pictures
Kirk Douglas with his four sons in 1960.
Photo12/Picture Alliance
Private life
Kirk Douglas at home in LA, 2009
Photo by Jean-Marie Périer
By Jean-Marie Périer
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