Vintage retro hipster style image of Taj Mahal on sunrise sunset reflection in Yamuna river panorama in fog

Vintage retro hipster style image of Taj Mahal on sunrise sunset reflection in Yamuna river panorama in fog


Vintage retro hipster style image of Taj Mahal on sunrise sunset reflection in Yamuna river panorama in fog, Indian Symbol, India travel background with grunge texture overlaid. Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, Asia


16 nov. 2012


Photo12/imageBROKER/Dmitry Rukhlenko

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24,7Mo (8,2Mo) / 24,9cm x 24,9cm / 2941 x 2941 (300dpi)

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Agra Altertum Asia Character Characters Dusk Evening scene Evening sunlight Famous Place Image-filling India Indian Jamuna Light mood Memorial Memorial site Memorials Monument Morning No People Reflection Retro style Ruins complex Taj Mahal Trip UNESCO UNESCO World Heritage UNESCO site Unesco world hertiage site Yamuna afterglow ancient ancient cities ancient city ancient civilization ancient civilizations ancient times ancient world antique antiquity archaeologic archaeological archaeological area archaeological site archaeological sites archaeology archeologic archeological archeology architecture atmosphere atmospheric atmospheric light attraction attractions background background graphic background image backgrounds break of dawn burial ground burial site burial sites countryside crack of dawn cultural monument cultural monuments cultural site cultural sites dawn dawning daybreak daybreaks deserted dim dusky empty evening evening atmosphere evening atmospheres evening glow evening hour evening light evening mood evening shot evening skies evening sky evening sun evening sunshine evenings excavation excavation field excavation site excavation sites excavations filling the picture final resting place fog foggy foggy atmosphere format-filling full frame full image full size full-frame grave gravesite gravesites hazy heritage heritages historic historical image in first daylight journey landmark landscape landscape photo landscape shot landscapes last resting place last resting places light atmosphere light of the evening sun light scene marble mirror mirroring each other mist misty misty atmosphere misty mood misty moods mood morning morning atmosphere morning glow morning light morning scene morning skies morning sky morning sun morning suns nature no one nobody old old fashioned old-fashioned oldfashioned open sky out outdoor outdoors outmoded outside panorama panorama shot panoramas panoramic panoramic image panoramic view picture pictures place of interest red sky reflect reflecting reflection reflections reflex reflexes resting place retro rising sun river rivers ruin ruin site ruined town ruins scenery setting sun sight sign site skies sky sun sun setting sunrise sunrises sunrisetime sunset sunset red symbol symbolic symbols tomb tomb group tourist attraction tourist attractions tourist landmark travel travel photography traveling twilight uninhabited vintage voyage wallpaper warm light Mughal architecture UNESCO World Heritage Site UNESCO World Heritage Sites Uttar Pradesh World Heritage World Heritage Site building buildings gentle lightning mausoleum mausoleums mellow lightning soft lightning structure white

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