Hiker sitting under pine

Hiker sitting under pine


Hiker sitting under pine (pinus), enjoying the view of the Grand Canyon in the morning haze, view from above, Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim, Arizona, USA, North America


19 août 2011


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1 person 16-17 years Arizona Canyon landscape Caucasian Ethnicity Famous Place Grand Canyon Grand Canyon National Park High Angle View Human being International Landmark Morning N.P. NP National Park National Park USA National Parks Naturpark North America Overlook People Pinaceae Pine Pine tree Pines Pinus Semi-strong South Rim US-America US-American USA United States United States of America View from above activities activity adolescence adolescent atmospheric attraction attractions auf boy boys break of dawn canyon canyons caucasian child children conifer coniferous coniferous tree conifers countryside early morning fog early morning mist elevated view en route enjoy enjoying erode eroded eroded landscape eroded landscapes eroding erosion erosion landscape erosions experience of nature facing fog foggy foggy atmosphere from above gorge haze heading high-angle shot high-angle view hike hiker hikers hikes hiking jack jacks juvenil kid landmark landmarks landscape landscape photo landscape shot landscapes light-skinned looking down mist misty atmosphere misty mood misty moods morning morning atmosphere morning fog morning fogs morning haze morning mist morning scene natural landmark natural landmarks natural preserve natural preserves nature nature conservation area nature park nature reserve nature reserves on route on the road on the way on their way one person overhead overlook overview perched person persons pine spruce place of interest pleasure protected area ravine recreational activities recreational activity relish reservation reservations reserve reserves rock rock gorge rock landscape rocks rocks landscape rocky rocky landscape rocky landscapes sanctury scenery sight single person sit sitting teenage top down top down view top view top-down view topview tourist attraction tourist attractions tourist landmark travel photography tree trees view view down view down to the bottom view into view of, View of view over walk walker walking young youth America American Conifer Coniferales Pinales Youngster atmosphere hazy misty mood south side teenager teenagers

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