Decorative art objects

Decorative art objects


Decorative art objects, exhibited at the south-kensington museum, London, 1896, enamelled milk glass vase, Russia, Historic, digitally restored reproduction of an original 19th century pattern, exact original date unknown, Europe


05 août 2022


Photo12/imageBROKER/Sunny Celeste

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47,2Mo (15,7Mo) / 28,0cm x 42,3cm / 3303 x 5000 (300dpi)

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1900s 19th century 19th-century Altertum British Character Characters Europe Europe's Famous Place Historic illustration Historic illustrations Historical illustration London North Europe Northern Europe Original date Russian Symbol image Symbol photo Works of art abstract accurate adorned ancient ancient times antiquarian antique antiques antiquity archive archives art art work arts artwork artworks attraction attractions black black and white black-and-white black-white caparisoned ceramic ceramics chinaware concept concepts container containers copy culture cultures decorated decoration decorations decorative decorative item decoratively depiction depictions digital digitally displayed drawn embellished embellishment embellishments enameled enamelled exact exhibited former formerly glass glass of milk glass vase glass vases glasses glasses of milk history illustration illustrations image image motif landmark motif museum museums nineteenth century object of art objects of art old fashioned old-fashioned oldfashioned ornamented ornate outmoded piece of art place of interest porcelain precise replica replication representation reproduction restored sight sign symbol symbolic symbolic image symbolic picture symbolic pictures symbols tourist attraction tourist attractions tourist landmark travel photography vase vases vessel vintage white woodcut woodcuts wooden woodprint work of art xylograph England Russia Russian Federation drawing drawings historic historical object objects old reconstruction refurbishment restoration restoration work restorations sketch Britain Great Britain UK United Kingdom

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