Industry dependency

Industry dependency


Industry dependency, rare earths, semiconductor crisis, chip shortage, raw materials, suppliers China and Russia, Germany without mineral resources, shortage of fossil fuels, energy supply, energy turnaround, phasing out nuclear energy


28 août 2022


Photo12/imageBROKER/Kurt Amthor

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Business Central Europe China Chinese East Asia Energy turnaround Environmental friendly Environmentally harmful Europe Europe's FRG German German Federal Republic Germany Industrial dependence Middle Europe No People People's Republic of China Power generation Republic of Germany Russian alternative energies alternative energy deserted eco-friendly ecocide ecocides ecofriendly ecological damage economies economy electricity electricity generation electricity supply empty energies energy energy industry energy politic energy politics energy production energy source energy sources energy supply energy transition environment environment protection environmental contamination environmental damage environmental damages environmental destruction environmental issue environmental issues environmental pollution environmental pollutions environmental protection environmentally friendly fossil energy source fossil energy sources fossil fuel generation of current generation of electricity green energy harmful to the environment industrial material materials mineral resource natural resource natural resources no one nobody nuclear nuclear energy nuclear power polluting pollution pollution of the environment power power generation power generations power industries power industry power supplies power supply rare rarest rarities rarity raw material raw materials regenerative renewable renewable energy scarcity shortage shortages sustainable uninhabited Asia Russia Russian Federation addiction addictions dependence industries industry

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