Cross-section of a tree trunk

Cross-section of a tree trunk


Cross-section of a tree trunk, two tourists reading information boards, behind them charred sequoias (Sequoioideae) after fire, Yosemite National Park, California, USA, North America


27 août 2011


Photo12/imageBROKER/Angela to Roxel

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16-17 years 2 2 people 50-54 years California Californian Caucasian Ethnicity Cross-section Cupressaceae Famous Place Holidaymaker Human being Mammoth tree National Park USA Naturpark North America People Semi-strong Sequoia Sequoias Sequoioideae UNESCO UNESCO World Heritage UNESCO World Heritage Site UNESCO World Heritage Sites UNESCO site UNESCO world natural heritage US-America US-American USA Unesco world hertiage site United States United States of America Yosemite NP Yosemite National Park adolescence adolescent attraction attractions big book books boy boys burn burning caucasian charred child children conifer coniferous coniferous tree conifers cross section display board display boards enormous fire fires flame flames giant gigantic great heat huge info panel info sign information information board information panel information panels information sign information signs intersection jack jacks juvenil kid landmark large light-skinned log male males man massive men natural landmark natural landmarks natural preserve natural preserves nature nature conservation area nature park nature reserve nature reserves notice board person persons place of interest profile profiles protected area read reading readings reservation reservations reserve reserves sanctury sight sign teenage tourism tourist tourist attraction tourist attractions tourist landmark tourists travel photography tree tree trunk tree trunks trees trunk two two people two persons visitor visitors world natural heritage young youth 50 America American Character Characters Conifer Coniferales N.P. NP National Park National Parks Pinales Sign Youngster fifty hot signpost signs teenager teenagers

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