Shepherd with lost sheep

Shepherd with lost sheep


Shepherd with lost sheep, Bonze figure, bench, city wall, vines (Vitis), Am Hexenturm, Landsberg am Lech, Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany, Europe


22 août 2022


Photo12/imageBROKER/Wolfgang Veeser

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Central Europe Common grape vine Domestic sheep Downtown Europe Europe's FRG German Federal Republic Germany Grape vine Grape vines Historic district Historic quarter Historic quarters Inner city Inner town Landsberg am Lech Middle Europe No People Old town area Ovis orientalis aries Republic of Germany Sheep South Germany Southern Germany Town centre Vitaceae Vitis vinifera Wine region Witch tower Witches' Tower acreage acreages agrarian agricultural agricultural crop agricultural crops agriculturally agriculture animal husbandries animal husbandry bench benches building buildings cattle center centers centre character cities city city center city centre city fortification city fortifications city wall city walls cultivate cultivated area cultivating defence wall defence walls defense wall defensive wall deserted empty farm animal farming figure figures fruit fruits grape grapes grapevine grapevines historic historic center historic centre historic city center historic city centre historic old town historical historical old town in the centre livestock livestock breeding livestock breedings livestock farming mediaeval medieval middle midtown municipal no one nobody old city old district old town old towns piece productive livestock resting bench seat seating accommodation seating accommodations seats shepherd shepherds stock farming structure tower towers town town center town fortification town wall travel photography uninhabited urban urban environment vine-growing vineyard viniculture vinicultures vinyard region wall walls wine grape wine growing region wine growing regions wine region wine-growing area winegrowing wineyard Growing Upper Bavaria cultivation cultivations Bavaria Bayern Upper Bavarian Bavarian German

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