Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) adult and chick, on nest in Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris) during rainfall, in remnant of pine forest habitat, Caledonian Forest, Cairngorms N. P. Highlands, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe


28 sept. 2016


Photo12/imageBROKER/Andrew Mason

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2 Accipitridae Aquila Aves Bird Birds Breedin British Brood Europe Fish eagle Fish hawk Highlands N.P. NP National Park National Parks No People North Europe Northern Europe Osprey Pandion haliaetus Pinaceae Pine Pine tree Pines Pinus Pinus sylvestris Rainfall Scotland Scots pine Sea hawk Western osprey Western ospreys adorable adult adult animal adult animals animal animals animals in the wild bird of prey bird photography bird's nest bird-nest birds of prey birds' nests breeding area breeding ground breeding grounds breeding season breeding site breeding time chick chicks conifer coniferous coniferous forest coniferous forests coniferous tree conifers countryside cub cute deserted eagle empty fauna fledgling fledglings forest forested forests habitat hatchling highland juvenile juvenile bird juveniles landscape landscapes little mature matures natural environment natural environments natural habitat natural preserve nature conservation area nature reserve nature reserves nest nesting nesting site nesting sites nests no one nobody offspring out outdoor outdoors outside parental care pup rainy raptor relict relicts scenery small suckling summer summery sweet tiny tree trees two uninhabited upland wild animal wild animals wildlife wildlife photography wood wooded young young animal young animals young bird yuvenile Conifer Coniferales Diurnal bird of prey Diurnal birds of prey Falconiformes Great Britain Pinales Scotch Scottish UK United Kingdom animal behavior animal behaviour behavior behaviour breeding breedings care rain social behavior social behaviour social behaviours precipitation precipitations raining rainy weather bad weather rain-swept weather

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