Silk spider

Silk spider


Silk spider, giant wood spider (Nephila maculata), Other animals, Spiders, Arachnids, Animals, Wheel web spiders, Giant Wood Spider adult female, on web in lowland rainforest, Sinaraja Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka, Asia


01 juil. 2016


Photo12/imageBROKER/Gianpiero Ferrari

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Arachnid Arachnida Araneae Araneidae Arthropod Arthropoda Arthropods Asia Giant Wood Spider High Angle View N.P. NP National Park National Parks Nephila maculata Nephila pilipes Nephilid Nephilidae Nephilids No People Orb-weaver spider Orb-weaver spiders Orb-weaving spider Southeast Asia Southeastern Asia Spider web Sri Lanka Sri Lankan View from above adult adult animal adult animals animal animal depiction animal depictions animal figure animal figures animal form animal motiv animal representation animal-like animal-shaped animals animals in the wild close to nature cobweb cobwebs data transmission data transmissions depiction depictions deserted digital digitally elevated view empty female females forest forested forests from above high-angle shot high-angle view illustration image image motif in Winter internet jungle jungles looking down lowland rainforest lowland rainforests mature matures natural natural preserve nature nature conservation area nature reserve nature reserves net nets network networks no one nobody old-growth forest on-line online out outdoor outdoors outside overhead primary forest primeval forest primeval forests rain forest rain forests rainforest representation semi-natural seminatural silk silks spider spider figure spider figures spider web spider's web spiders thread threads top down top down view top view topview tropical uninhabited view down to the bottom web wild animal wild animals winter wintery wintry wood wooded www zoomorphic Fabrics spin spinning stuff stuffs

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