Domestic Cattle

Domestic Cattle


Domestic Cattle, Limousin cow with bull calf, suckling, standing amongst Bluebell (Endymion non-scriptus) flowers in woodland glade, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom, Europe


21 juil. 2016


Photo12/imageBROKER/Wayne Hutchinson

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Artiodactyla Asparagales Bluebell Bluebells Bos Bos primigenius taurus Bovid Bovidae Bovids Breed of livestock Breeds of livestock British Bull calf Bull calves Cattle Common bluebell Common bluebells Cumbria Domestic Cattle Domestic Cattles Domestic animal breed Domestic animal breeds Endymion non-scripta Europe Even-toed ungulate Even-toed ungulates Hyacinthoideae Hyacinthoides Hyacinthoides non-scripta Liliaceae Limousin cattle Mammal Mammalia Mammalian Mammals No People North Europe Northern Europe Pet Scilloideae Ungulata Ungulate Ungulates adult adult animal adult animals animal animal breed animal breeds animal husbandries animal husbandry animals beginning of spring bloom bloomage blossom blossoms blue breed breeds bull bulls calf calves carpet of blossoms cattle cattles cow cows cub deserted domestic animal drinking drinks empty farm animal female females first day of spring flower flowering flowers hatchling herald of spring heralds of spring hungry in flower juvenile juveniles lactate little calf little calves livestock livestock farming loomage male male animal male animals males many blossoms mature matures nature no one nobody out outdoor outdoors outside pedigree pet plant plants productive livestock pup purebred sea of blossoms sea of flowers spring spring awakening spring bloomer spring bloomers spring flowering plant spring flowers springtime stand standing start of spring stock farming suck sucking suckle suckling thirst thoroughbred uninhabited vernal flowers wildlife photography young young animal young animals yuvenile England Magnoliopsida cattle breed cattle breeds flowering plants thirsty Great Britain UK United Kingdom

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