Masai Lion

Masai Lion


Masai Lion (Panthera leo nubica) two adult males, feeding at kill, Serengeti N. P. Tanzania


17 févr. 2015


Photo12/imageBROKER/Bernd Rohrschneider

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Africa Antilopini Artiodactyla Big cat Big cats Bovid Bovidae Bovids Carnivora Endangered animal Endangered animals Eudorcas thomsonii Even-toed ungulate Even-toed ungulates Feliformia Feliformias Gazella Gazelle Gazelles IUCN Kenya Kenyan Lion Lioness Lionesses Lions Mammal Mammalia Mammalian Mammals Masai Mara Masai Mara Game Reserve Masai Mara National Reserve Masai Mara Preserve Masai lion Massa lions Massai Mara Massai lion Massai-Mara N.P. NP Narok County National Park National Parks No People Panthera leo Panthera leo melanochaita Pantherinae Predator Predators Thompson's gazelles Thomson's gazelle Ungulata Ungulate Ungulates Wildlife Refuge Wildlife Refuges adult adult animal adult animals animal animal behavior animal behaviour animal of prey animals animals in the wild beast of prey behavior behaviour cat of prey cub deserted eat empty endangered specie endangered species ethnic ethnic group ethnic groups ethnic minorities ethnic minority ethnical ethnologic ethnological ethnologies ethnology fauna feed feeding female female animal female animals females forage foraging grassland habitat hatchling hunt hunting indigenous indigenous people indigenous peoples ingestion jump jump out jumping juvenile juveniles leap local local man mature matures mid jump mid leap minorities minority move movement movements moving native native man native people natives natural environment natural environments natural habitat natural preserve nature conservation area nature reserve nature reserves no one nobody out outdoor outdoors outside predatory animal predatory cat predatory cats primitive people pup robberies robbery savanna savannah savannas search for food searching for food steppe steppes suckling threatened species tribe tribes uninhabited wild animal wild animals wildlife wildlife photography young young animal young animals yuvenile Antilopinae Maasai Maasai people animal feed animal feeds antelope antelopes

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