European, look, habitat, ecosystem, horizontal, looking, seasonal, alert, blossom, standing, blooming, observing, interested, facing camera, majestic, roe, walking, outdoors, background, colorful, landscape, summer, hunting, roebuck, stag, male, fur, spring, herbivore, natural, glade, field, wilderness, doe, watching, environment, deer, fauna, mammal, grass, meadow, wildlife, roe deer (capreolus), nature, blurred background, animal, capreolus capreolus, wild


13 mai 2022


Photo12/imageBROKER/Pawel Brud

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86,1Mo (28,7Mo) / 56,9cm x 37,9cm / 6720 x 4480 (300dpi)

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Capreolinae Capreolus Capreolus capreolus Cervidae Colourfully Deer Deers European roe deer European roe deers Mammal Mammalia Mammalian Mammals Miscellaneous New World deer No People Pastureland Pastures Pecora Roe deer Variety of Western roe deer Wildlife agrarian agricultural agriculturally agriculture alert alertness animal animal behavior animal behaviour animals animals in the wild antler antlers assorted attention attentive attentiveness audience background background graphic background image backgrounds behavior behaviour bloom blossom blossoms blurred blurry buck bucks colored colorful colorfully coloured colourful countryside cropland deserted different different coloured differing direct look diverse doe does eat ecological system ecosystem ecosystems empty environment european eye contact face to face facing facing camera facing each other farming farmland farmlands fauna feed feeding female female animal female animals females field filling the picture flowering forage foraging foraging for food forest forest meadow forested forests full frame full image full-frame fur furs game game animal gazes glade glades go going grass grasses habitat herbivorous horizontal horizontally hunt hunting hunting food in flower inflorescence inflorescences ingestion interested landscape landscape photo landscape shot landscapes lawn look look at looking at camera looking at the camera looking out looks looks in the camera looks into looks into the camera male male animal male animals males meadow meadows multi-colored multi-coloured multicoloured natural natural environment natural environments natural habitat nature no one nobody observation observations observe observing open sky original out out of focus outdoor outdoors outside ram roe buck roebuck roebucks scenery search for food searching for food seasonal skin spectator spring springtime stag stags stand standing summer summery tree trees unfocused uninhabited varied variegated various varying view view over walk wallpaper watch watchful watching wild wild animal wild animals wilderness wildlife wildlife photography wood wooded animal feed animal feeds fodder food herbivore herbivores interest interests

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