Statues German Emperors

Statues German Emperors


Statues German Emperors, Old Town Hall Roemer, Roemerberg, Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany, Europe


22 mai 2022



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127,1Mo (42,4Mo) / 69,8cm x 45,6cm / 8247 x 5386 (300dpi)

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Artistically Central Europe Downtown Europe Europe's FRG Famous Place Frankfurt Frankfurt am Main Frankfurt on the Main German German Federal Republic Germany Hesse Hessen Hessia Historic district Historic quarter Historic quarters Inner city Inner town International Landmark Memorial Memorial site Memorials Middle Europe Monument No People Old town area Old town hall Rathaus Rathausplatz Republic of Germany Roemer Roemerberg Samstagsberg Town centre administration administration building administrations administrative building administrative buildings adorned architecture art art work artistic arts artwork artworks attraction attractions building buildings caparisoned character city administration city administrations city center city centre city hall city hall square city square civic center decorated decoration decorations decorative decorative item depiction depictions deserted embellished embellishment embellishments emperor emperors empty exterior exterior photograph exterior view exterior views figure figures hessian historic historic center historic centre historic city center historic city centre historic old town historical historical old town illustration image image motif landmark landmarks local government masonry midtown motif municipal administration no one nobody old city old district old town old towns ornamented ornate out outdoor shot outdoor shots piece place place of interest relief reliefs representation rock sculpting sculpture sculptures sight square squares statue statues stone stone carving stone figure stone figures stone relief stone sculpture stone sculptures stonemasonries stonemasonry stones structure tourist attraction tourist attractions tourist landmark town center town hall town hall square town hall squares town square town squares townhall townhalls uninhabited work of art former formerly old

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