View of mountain huts in a meadow with a mass of flowering dandelions
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View of mountain huts in a meadow with a mass of flowering dandelions


View of mountain huts in a meadow with a mass of flowering dandelions, with fir forest and mountain peaks in the background, Dolomites, Italian Alps, Italy, Europe


07 déc. 2016


Photo12/imageBROKER/Gianpiero Ferrari

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Alps Big cat Big cats Carnivora Dandelions Dolomites Dolomiti Endangered animal Endangered animals Europe Feliformia Feliformias Fir forest High Angle View IUCN Italian Italy Mammal Mammalia Mammalian Mammals Mountain Range No People Overlook Pantherinae Pastureland Pinaceae Predator Province of South Tyrol South Tyrol View View from above alpine hut animal animal of prey animals animals in the wild barn barns beast of prey bloom blossom blossoms cabin cabins cat of prey conifer coniferous coniferous forest coniferous forests coniferous tree conifers countryside deserted eat elevated view empty endangered specie endangered species facing fauna feed feeding flower flower meadow flower meadows flowering flowers forest forested forests from above geography habitat hay barn hay barns high-angle shot high-angle view hut huts in flower ingestion journey lawn looking down mass masses meadow meadow flower meadow flowers meadows mountain mountain hut mountain peak mountain top mountainous mountains mountaintop natural environment natural environments natural habitat no one nobody out outdoor outdoors outside overhead overview pasture peak peaks pinnacle predatory animal predatory cat predatory cats quantity refuge refuges rural shelter shy summer summery summit threatened species top down top down view top view topview travel destination travel destinations tree trees trip uninhabited view down to the bottom wild animal wild animals wildlife wildlife photography wood wooded Abies Conifer Coniferales Fir Fir tree Fir trees Lion Lions Panthera leo Pinales South Europe Southern Europe animal feed animal feeds graze grazing teeth tooth

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