Common kingfisher
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Common kingfisher


Common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) male, wings spreading to defend territory, sunrise, March sun, white fish as prey, successful hunt, Central Elbe Biosphere Reserve, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, Europe


28 mars 2022


Photo12/imageBROKER/Thomas Hinsche

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Alcedinidae Alcedo atthis Biosphere Reserve Biosphere Reserve Mittelelbe Biosphere Reserves Bony fish Bony fishes Central Elbe Biosphere Reserve Central Europe Common kingfisher Common kingfishers Coraciiformes Cyprinid Cyprinidae Cyprinids Dusk Eurasian kingfisher Europe Europe's FRG Fish Fishes German German Federal Republic Germany Kingfisher Leuciscidae Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve Middle Europe No People Osteichthyes Pisces Republic of Germany River kingfisher River kingfishers River landscape Elbe Saxony-Anhalt Wildlife aggression aggressions aggressive animal animal behavior animal behaviour animal of prey animals animals in the wild animals of prey atmospheric attack position battle battles behavior behaviour belligerent biosphere reserve Mittlere Elbe bird photography break of dawn capture catch catches crack of dawn dawn dawning daybreak daybreaks defend territory deserted dim dusky eat empty fauna feed feeding fight fighting fighting for territory fighting over territory forage foraging foraging for food freshwater fish habitat hunt hunting hunting food in first daylight ingestion male male animal male animals males minnows morning morning atmosphere morning glow morning light morning scene morning skies morning sky morning sun morning suns natural environment natural environments natural habitat natural preserve nature conservation area nature reserve nature reserves no one nobody outspread outstreched wing prey prey animal preying preys red sky rising sun search for food searching for food spread out spread wing spreading out spreading wing spreading wings success successes successful successfully sun sunrise sunrises sunrisetime territorial behavior territorial behaviors territorial behaviour territorial dispute territorial fight territorial fights territoriality territories territory twilight uninhabited white fish wild animal wild animals wildlife wildlife photography wing wings wings spread wings spreading Aves Bird Birds East Germany Eastern Germany Unesco-Biosphaerenreservat animal feed animal feeds atmosphere food mood posture postures sunlight sunshine

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