Grevy's grevy's zebra

Grevy's grevy's zebra


Grevy's grevy's zebra (Equus grevyi), adult male with dominance behaviour towards female with foal, in semi-desert dry savannah, Samburu National Reserve, Kenya, Africa


07 déc. 2016


Photo12/imageBROKER/Bernd Rohrschneider

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2 2 animals 3 Africa Dominance behaviour Dominance display East Africa Eastern Africa Endangered animal Endangered animals Equidae Equus Equus grevyi Grevy's zebra Grevy's zebras IUCN Imperial zebra Kenya Kenyan Mammal Mammalia Mammalian Mammals N.P. NP National Park National Parks Odd-toed ungulate Odd-toed ungulates Perissodactyla Samburu National Reserve Two Animals Ungulata Ungulate Ungulates adult adult animal adult animals animal animal behavior animal behaviour animal couple animal pair animal pairs animals behavior behaviour copula copulate copulating copulation couple couples cub dominance dry savanna dry savannas endangered specie endangered species families family female female animal female animals females foal foals grassland hatchling horse horse family horses juvenile juveniles maiting pair male male animal male animals males mare mares mate mating mating behavior mating behaviour mating period mating season mating time matings mature matures natural preserve nature conservation area nature reserve nature reserves out outdoor outdoors outside pair pair of animals pairing parents pup reproduction reproductions rutting season savanna savannah savannas semi-desert semidesert semideserts several sex sexual intercourse shrubland social behavior social behaviour social behaviours stallion stallions steppe steppes striped suckling superiority threatened species three travel photography two young young animal young animals yuvenile zebra zebras stripe stripes

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