Colony of northern gannet

Colony of northern gannet


Colony of northern gannet (Morus bassanus) nesting and flying around cliff habitat, troop leader, Moray Firth, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe


27 févr. 2017


Photo12/imageBROKER/Dave Pressland

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Aberdeenshire Atlantic Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Oceans Aves Bird Birds British Europe High Angle View Many Animals Moray Firth Morus bassanus No People North Europe Northern Europe Northern gannet Northern gannets Overlook Pelecaniformes Rocky cliff Rocky coast Stone coasts Sulid Sulidae Sulids Swarm behaviour Swarm behaviours Swarming View from above Wildlife adult adult animal adult animals animal animal behavior animal behaviour animals animals in the wild behavior behaviour bird colonies bird colony bird photography breed breeding breeding area breeding colonies breeding colony breeding ground breeding grounds breeding season breeding site breeding time breedings cliff cliff line cliff top cliffs coast coastal coastal area coastal areas coastal landscape coastal region coastline coastlines coasts colonies colony countryside courting courting seasons courtship courtship display courtship season courtshiping deserted display displaying elevated view empty fauna flight flights flock flock of flock of birds fly flying from above gannet geography group group of animals groups groups of animals habitat high-angle shot high-angle view in flight in the air incubate incubating landscape landscape shot landscapes looking down mating mating behavior mating behaviour mating period mating season mating time mature matures mid air mid-adult woman mid-adult women move movement movements moving natural environment natural environments natural habitat nature nest nesting nesting site nesting sites no one nobody out outdoor outdoors outside overhead overview perform the courtship display rock rocks rocky rocky coast rocky coastline rocky coasts rookery rutting season scenery sea seabird seabirds several several animals shoreline social behavior social behaviour social behaviours steep cliff steep coast steep coasts swarm swarm of birds the rocks top down top down view top view topview uninhabited view down to the bottom waterfront wild animal wild animals wildlife wildlife photography woo Scotland aquatic bird bay bays cala courtship behavior courtship behaviors courtship behaviour cove display behaviour imprinting many numerous overawing stone stones water bird water birds waterfowl Great Britain Scotch Scottish UK United Kingdom

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