Cities and People series

Cities and People series


Cities and People series, woman in traditional traditional costume against the backdrop of Venice, Italy, digitally restored reproduction of a collector's picture from c. 1900, Liebig collector's picture, exact date unknown, Europe


21 mars 2022


Photo12/imageBROKER/Sunny Celeste

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50,0Mo (1,6Mo) / 44,6cm x 28,1cm / 5263 x 3323 (300dpi)

Mots clés

1 person Adult Female Colourfully Europe Europe's Famous Place Festive dress Human being Italy Miscellaneous National costume Northern Italy People Subject Symbol image Symbol photo Theme Traditional clothing Traditional dress UNESCO World Heritage UNESCO site Unesco world hertiage site Variety of Venice abstract accurate adult advertisement advertising art arts assorted attraction attractions bric-a-brac cities city clothing style colored colorful colorfully coloured colourful concept concepts copy cultural monument cultural monuments cultural site cultural sites date dates depiction depictions different different coloured differing diverse exact female femaleness females femininity folklore folkloric folkloristic folksy garment garments heritage heritages illustration image image motif image sequence image sequences kitsch landmark mid-adult woman mid-adult women motif multi coloured multi-colored multi-coloured multicoloured municipal one person person persons place of interest popularly precise regional replica representation reproduction restored sequence sequences series sight single person symbol symbolic symbolic image symbolic picture symbolic pictures textiles the North of Italy tourist attraction tourist attractions tourist landmark town traditional traditional clothes travel photography urban urban environment varied variegated various varying woman womanliness women South Europe Southern Europe UNESCO World Heritage Site UNESCO World Heritage Sites Venetia Venetian Veneto World Heritage World Heritage Site attire characteristic chic clothes clothing culture cultures custom dress fashion fashionable fashionably junk knickknack knickknacks reconstruction refurbishment restoration restoration work restorations rummage tradition traditional attire traditional costume traditional costumes traditions typical Italian

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