Constantinople, Constantinopolis, was the capital of the Roman-Byzantine Empire, here the Hippodrome, an ancient Greek stadium for horse and chariot races and the circus, History of Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Italy, Historical, digitally restored reproduction of a 19th century original, exact date unknown, Europe


20 mai 2022


Photo12/imageBROKER/Sunny Celeste

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1900s 19th century 19th-century Altertum Ancient Rome Byzantine Central Italy Constantinople Domestic Horse Domestic Horses Domestic animal breed Domestic animal breeds Equus caballus European part European side Famous Place Greek Hippodrome of Constantinople Istanbul No People Pet Roman Rome Stadion Sultan Ahmet Square Sultanahmet Meydani accurate activities activity affluent ancient ancient civilization ancient civilizations ancient times ancient world animal breed animal breeds animal husbandries animal husbandry antique antiquity athletic attraction attractions breed breeds canter capital capital city capitals cattle chariot race chariot races circus circuses cities city competition contest contests copy date dates deserted digital digitally domestic animal empty entertainment entertainments equestrian sports event events exact farm animal fast gallop galloping hack hacks heritage heritages historic historical history horse breed horse breeds horse race horse races horse ride horse rides horseman landmark leisure livestock livestock breeding livestock breedings livestock farming motion move movement movements moving municipal nineteenth century no one nobody novel novels old period pet phase phases photo photograph photos physical fitness physically fit picture place place of interest precise productive livestock quick race rapid recreation replica reproduction restored rich richly rider riders riding horse roman civilization run running saddle horse sight speedy sport sporting sports sporty square squares stadium stock farming stories story tale thoroughbred thoroughbreds tourist attraction tourist attractions tourist landmark town travel photography uninhabited urban urban environment vintage wealthy Istanbul Province Italy Latio Region Latium Lazio horse riding horse-riding horseback riding reconstruction refurbishment restoration restoration work restorations ride South Europe Southern Europe Turkey Eurasia Southwest Asia Southwestern Asia Turk Turkish West Asia Western Asia Asia Europe Europe's

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