Girl from the Caucasus in men's clothes on horseback travelling

Girl from the Caucasus in men's clothes on horseback travelling


Girl from the Caucasus in men's clothes on horseback travelling, Georgia, women in the 19th century, Historical, digitally restored reproduction of an original 19th century original, exact original date not known, Asia


19 oct. 2021


Photo12/imageBROKER/Sunny Celeste

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50,0Mo (4,7Mo) / 29,4cm x 42,7cm / 3467 x 5040 (300dpi)

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1900s 19th century 19th-century Caucasus Equus Georgia Human being Men's fashion North America Original date People Trip US-America US-American USA United States United States of America aboriginal aboriginals accurate art art work arts artwork artworks black black and white black-and-white black-white centuries century child children clothing style depiction depictions digital digitally drawn ethnic ethnic group ethnic groups ethnic minorities ethnic minority ethnical ethnologic ethnological ethnologies ethnology exact folklore girl girls historic historical horse horses illustration illustrations image image motif indigenous indigenous people indigenous peoples journey kid lass local local man local woman local women men's wear minorities minority motif native native man native people native woman natives nineteenth century person persons photographic reproduction photographic reproductions precise primitive people representation restored stories story tale traditional travel travel photography traveling tribal tribal girl tribal man tribe tribes tribesman tribesmen voyage woman women woodcut woodcuts woodprint work of art xylograph America American Eurasia Southwest Asia Southwestern Asia West Asia Western Asia attire characteristic chic clothes clothing culture cultures custom drawing drawings dress fashion fashionable fashionably reconstruction refurbishment restoration restoration work restorations sketch tradition traditions trendy typical Asia Europe Europe's

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