Declaration drawn up by Frederick II himself

Declaration drawn up by Frederick II himself


Declaration drawn up by Frederick II himself, which Voltaire had to sign, with his postscript, sheet 1, Historical, digitally restored reproduction of a 19th century original, exact date unknown


19 oct. 2021


Photo12/imageBROKER/Sunny Celeste

Notre référence


Model release


Property release



Libre de droits

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50,0Mo (1,8Mo) / 31,7cm x 39,5cm / 3744 x 4670 (300dpi)

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1 1900s 19th century 19th-century 1st Francois-Marie Arouet Frederick II Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor Friedrich II. Historical Person Historical Persons Hohenzollern No People North America Page Prussia Prussian Symbol image Symbol photo US-American Voltaire Writing paper abstract accurate aristocracy art art work arts artwork artworks black black and white black-and-white black-white certificate certificates communicate communicating communication communications communicative concept concepts copy date dates depiction depictions deserted digital digitally document documents drawing drawings empty exact french hand hands handwriting handwritings historic historical illustration illustrations image image motif king kings leaf leaves letter letters monarch monarchs motif nature nineteenth century no one nobody official one paper papers patch patches personalities personality photographic reproduction photographic reproductions plant plants precise replica representation reproduction restored ruler rulers sheet sheet of paper sheets of paper sketch sovereign stationaries stationary stationery stories story symbol symbolic symbolic image symbolic picture symbolic pictures symbols tale uninhabited vintage white woodcut woodcuts woodprint work of art written xylograph America American Arizona aristocratic families aristocratic family noble family old reconstruction refurbishment restoration restoration work restorations US-America USA United States United States of America

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