Huzlin Woman

Huzlin Woman


Huzlin Woman, Riding a Horse and Spinning Wool, Arabia, 1880, Historic, digitally restored reproduction of a 19th century original


18 janv. 2022


Photo12/imageBROKER/Sunny Celeste

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52,3Mo (5,9Mo) / 31,0cm x 42,3cm / 3657 x 5000 (300dpi)

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1 person 1900s 19th century 19th-century Adult Female Arab Arabia Arabian Arabian Peninsula Arabic Asia Equus Human being Mid East Middle East Mideast Near East People Southwest Asia Southwestern Asia West Asia Western Asia aboriginal aboriginals achievement achievements action actions active adult adult animal adult animals art art work arts artwork artworks athletic copy depiction depictions digital digitally ethnic ethnic group ethnic groups ethnic minorities ethnic minority ethnical ethnologic ethnological ethnologies ethnology exercise exercises female females fitness fitness training folklore historic historical horse horse ride horse rides horse riding horse-riding horseback riding horseman horses illustration illustrations image image motif indigenous indigenous people indigenous peoples local local man local woman local women male males man material materials mature matures men mid-adult woman mid-adult women minorities minority motif motion move movement movements moving native native man native people native woman natives nineteenth century one person performance person persons physical fitness physically fit practice practicing practise primitive people replica representation reproduction restored ride rider riders routine single person spin spinning sport sporting sports sporty stories story tale thread threads traditional train training trainings tribal tribal girl tribal man tribe tribes tribesman tribesmen woman women woodcut woodcuts woodprint wool work of art workout xylograph activities activity characteristic culture cultures custom fit health reconstruction refurbishment restoration restoration work restorations tradition traditions typical

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