Abstract of green succulent plant in A window
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Abstract of green succulent plant in A window


Abstract of green succulent plant in A window


13 déc. 2015


Photo12/imageBROKER/Andy Dean

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Cactaceae Cactus Focus Foliage No People Succulent plant abstract alert alertness attention attentive attentiveness background background graphic background image backgrounds bloom blossom blossoms botany bright bud budding cactus family cactus plant close up close ups close-up closeup color colors colour concentration covered decorated decorative decorative plant densely covered deserted detail view embellished embellishment embellishments empty exterior exterior photograph exterior view exterior views feral filling the picture floral flower flowering flowers foliage full frame full image full-frame gardening germinating green grow growing grown into growth growths house plant houseplant in flower indoor plant indoor plants inflorescence inflorescences ingrown leaves life lush macro macro photo macro photography macro shot macro view macros nature no one nobody open sky organic ornament ornamental ornamental plant ornamental plants ornamentally ornamentation ornamentations ornamented ornaments ornate out outdoor outdoor shot outdoor shots outdoors outside overgrown pattern patterns petal petals plant plant cover plant covers plants potted plant potted plants prickly scion seedling seedlings shoot spiky spiny spring springtime sprout sprouts structure structures summer summery uninhabited unkempt vegetation vegetations vitality wallpaper watchful wild window windows young plant bed concentrate concentrated concentrating decoration decorations decorative item detail details dot floral design floral designs floral pattern focus focused garden gardens heavy leaf planting point pomp sapling saplings section splendor splendour spot spots succulent succulent plant succulents yard

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