Hiker on hiking trail
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Hiker on hiking trail


Hiker on hiking trail, Barren hilly volcanic landscape of snow and lava fields, Eyjafjallajoekull glacier in the back, Fimmvoerouhals hiking trail, Porsmoerk Nature Reserve, Suourland, Iceland, Europe


18 juil. 2021


Photo12/imageBROKER/Mara Brandl

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1 person 25-29 years Caucasian Ethnicity Europe Europe's Eyjafjallajoekull Eyjafjoell Eyjafjoell glacier Fimmvoerouhals Highlands Hiking path Hiking trail Human being Iceland Igneous rock Igneous rocks Mountaineers People South Iceland Southern Iceland Southern Region Sudurland Suourland Thorsmoerk Torsmoerk Volcan Volcanic stone Volcano Young Young man Young men activities activity adult adults alpine climbing alpine sport alpine sports alpinism alpinist athletic barrenness caucasian climber countryside craggy en route experience of nature glaciated glacier glaciers go climbing heading highland hike hiker hikers hikes hiking hiking trail hillwalk hillwalking hilly igneous rock jagged landscape landscape photo landscape shot landscapes lava lava field lava fields light-skinned male males man men mountain mountain climber mountain hike mountain hikes mountain peak mountain top mountaineer mountaineering mountainous mountains mountaintop natural preserve nature nature conservation area nature reserve nature reserves on the road on the way on their way one person open sky out outdoor outdoors outside path peak peaks person persons physical fitness physically fit pinnacle recreational activities recreational activity rock rugged rutted scenery single person snow sport sporting sports sporty stone stones summit top trail travel photography upland volcanic volcanic area volcanic areas volcanic landscape volcanic landscapes volcanic mountain volcanic rock volcanic rocks volcano landscape volcano mountain volcanoes walk walker walking way ways wilderness young young adult young adult man young adults Porsmoerk Icelandic North Europe Northern Europe barren desolate meager meagre sparse volcanism

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