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Icebergs, Joekulsarlon glacier lagoon in summer, Joekulsarlon, glacial lake, southern edge of Vatnajoekull, Hornafjoerour, Hornafjoerdur, Southeast Iceland, Iceland, Europe


21 juil. 2018


Photo12/imageBROKER/Angela to Roxel

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Austurland East Iceland East-Iceland Eastern Iceland Europe Europe's Fiord Fiord landscape Fiords Fjord Fjord landscape Glacier lagoon Glacier lagoons Hornafjoerdur Hornafjoerour Iceland Joekulsarlon Joekulsarlon Joekulsarlon Glacier Lagoon Laguna Lagune Mountain Range N.P. NP National Park National Parks No People See Skaftafell Skaftafell NP Skaftafell National Park Southeast Iceland Vatna Glacier Vatnajoekull National Parc Vatnajoekull Vatnajoekull National Park Vatnajoekull-National Park body of water cold countryside deserted empty environmental issue environmental issues estuaries estuary freeze freezing glacial glacial lagoon glacial lake glaciated glacier lagoon Joekulsarlon glacier lake glacier lakes glacier river lagoon ice iceberg icebergs lagoon lagoons lake lakes landscape landscape shot landscapes mountain mountain chain mountain lake mountain lakes mountain peak mountain range mountain ranges mountain top mountainous mountains mountaintop natural preserve nature nature conservation area nature reserve nature reserves no one nobody peak peaks pinnacle prehistoric range ridge scenery south edge southern edge summer summery summit top travel photography turquoise turquoise blue turquoise green turquoise-coloured uninhabited Oeraefajoekull-Massiv Icelandic North Europe Northern Europe alpine landscape frosted frozen frozen over glacial age glacial period glacier glaciers ice age ice ages massif massifs mountain backdrop mountain barrier mountain landscape mountain massif mountain scenery mountainous area mountainous landscape mountainous massif mountainous region mountainscape water waters

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