Sun loungers

Sun loungers


Sun loungers, parasols and red lifeboat, boulders on the beach di Fegina, Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre, Ligurian Coast, Liguria, Italy, Europe


17 juin 2021


Photo12/imageBROKER/Karlheinz Irlmeier

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Europe Europe's Famous Place Fegina beach Italian Riviera Italy La Spezia La Spezia Province Life boat Life boats Lifeboat Liguria Ligurian Riviera Mediterranean Mediterranean area Mediterranean region Monterosso al Mare N.P. NP National Park National Parks No People Province of La Spezia Rock Rock coast UNESCO World Heritage UNESCO World Heritage Site UNESCO World Heritage Sites UNESCO site Unesco world hertiage site World Heritage World Heritage Site boat boats boulder boulders canvas chair chair chairs coast coastal coastal area coastal areas coastal landscape coastal region coastline coastlines coasts countryside cultural monument cultural monuments cultural site cultural sites deck chair deckchair deserted empty heritage heritages holiday holiday time holidays landmark landscape landscape shot landscapes ligurian lounge chair lounge chairs mediterranean natural preserve nature nature conservation area nature reserve nature reserves no one nobody parasol place of interest recovery red red coloured rescue rescues rescuing rock rocks rocky rocky coast rocky coastline save scenery seating accommodation seating accommodations shore shoreline sight sights sun lounger sun loungers sunbed sunshade sunshades the rocks tourism tourist attraction tourist attractions tourist destination travel photography umbrella uninhabited vacation vacation time waterfront Cinque Terre Cinque Terre National Park Northern Italy South Europe Southern Europe beach beaches beachfront salvage salvaging the North of Italy

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