Typical coral reef in seagrass meadow with Red Sea fire coral

Typical coral reef in seagrass meadow with Red Sea fire coral


Typical coral reef in seagrass meadow with Red Sea fire coral (Millepora dichotomata), splendour anemone (Heteractis magnifica), Red Sea Red Sea clownfish (Amphiprion bicinctus), behind it Favia Lesser Valley Coral (Favia), Red Sea, Aqaba, Kingdom of Jordan


20 janv. 2020


Photo12/imageBROKER/Norbert Probst

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Actiniaria Actiniaria sp. Africa Akaba Amphiprion Amphiprion bicinctus Anemone Anemonefish Anemones Anthozoa Aqaba Aqaba Governorate Asia Brain coral Brain corals Clownfish Clownfishes Damselfish Favia Faviidae Fire coral Fire corals Gouvernement Aqaba Heteractis magnifica Jordan Jordanian Kingdom of Jordan Lesser Valley Coral Lesser Valley Corals Magnificent sea anemone Magnificent sea anemones Magnoliopsida Mid East Middle East Mideast Millepora Near East No People North African Platygyra lamellina Pomacentrid Pomacentridae Radianthus ritteri Ranunculaceae Red Sea Red Sea anemonefish Red Sea clownfish Red Sea clownfishes Ritteri anemone Scleractinia Sea anemone Sea anemones Seagrass Seagrasses Southwest Asia Southwestern Asia Two-banded clownfish West Asia Western Asia Zostera Zosteraceae animal animals animals in the wild bloom blossom blossoms characteristic coral coral reef coral reefs corals deserted eelgrass meadow empty fauna flower flowering flowering plants flowers habitat in flower marine animal marine animals marine fish marine fishes natural environment natural environments natural habitat nature no one nobody plant plants pomp reef reefs saltwater fish seagrass meadow splendor splendour stone coral stony coral stony corals typical uninhabited water animal water animals wild animal wild animals wildlife wildlife photography Cnidaria Cnidarian Cnidarians Egypt Ranunculales Ranunculid Ranunculids aquatic macrophyte aquatic plant aquatic plants hydrophyte hydrophytic plant water plant North Africa Northern Africa

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