Friezes on the portico of Tiberius depicting various gods
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Friezes on the portico of Tiberius depicting various gods


Friezes on the portico of Tiberius depicting various gods, goddesses and portrait heads in Aphrodisias, Aydin, Turkey, Asia


May 22, 2013

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Photo12/imageBROKER/I. Gercelman



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1 person Altertum Anadolu Anatolia Aphrodisias Asia Minor Aydin province Domestic Horse Domestic animal breed Domestic animal breeds Equus Equus caballus Eurasia Frisian Frisians God Gods Horse Mammal Mammalia Mammalian Mammals Partial View Portrait heads Roman Southwest Asia Southwestern Asia Tiberius Turk Turkey Turkey European side Turkish Tuerkiye Variety of West Asia Western Asia ancient ancient civilization ancient civilizations ancient times ancient world animal animal breed animal breeds animals antique antiquity architectural detail architecture architecture detail architecture details art arts breed breeds building buildings close up close ups close-up column columned hall cropped crossbred horse decorated decoration decorations decorative detail detail view details difference differences different differing diverse domestic animal domestic animals dutch embellished embellishment embellishments farm animal figure figures frieze friezes goddess goddesses habitat hack hacks hall halls head head portrait head shot head shots heads heritage heritages historic historical horse horse breed horse breeds horses natural environment natural environments natural habitat old one person ornament ornamental ornamentally ornamentation ornamentations ornaments ornate pillar pillar hall pillars portico porticoes portrait portraits precious productive livestock riding horse saddle horse sculpting sculpture sculptures single person statue statues thoroughbred thoroughbreds varied various varying warmblood warmblooded horse warmbloods wildlife photography Aegean Region Ancient Rome Asia Ege Boelgesi Ege Boelgesi Europe artwork artworks emperor emperors fauna roman civilization wildlife

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