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André Soupart is a Belgian photographer and filmmaker. He is graduated of the Institut des Arts de Diffusion. At the same time director of scenery in projection shows, art photographer exhibiting in galleries, lighting designer for monumental statues, André Soupart loves the image, he is a man of image, whose road has crossed many celebrities in the 70s. Thus, always with a camera in hand, he photographed celebrities on stage and in their intimacy: in 1973, he entered Hergé's studio and delivered a touching reportage of the comic book author but also of the illuminated art collector that he was. A little earlier, at the end of the 60s, he will meet young French "idoles": France Gall, Françoise Hardy and Johnny Hallyday. At the centre of his art is light. It takes deliberately an important place. Playing with chiaroscuro and contrasts, André Soupart captures the intimate in every shot he takes in a certain poetic realism way.

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