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“An artefact is related to space in the same way music is related to silence”, these are the words of Georges Braque. In this poetic way, the painter asked baron de Loewenfeld to transcribe his work in three dimensions. During their long-term collaboration, Loewenfeld was to create an outstanding series of works of art, mostly jewels and sculptures. Specialized in the work of Georges Braque, Armand Israël has been working with baron de Loewenfeld for thirty years. Upon André Malraux’s request, who was at the time minister of Culture, they organized an exhibition at the Louvre Museum. Braque was thus the first painter whose work was exhibited in his lifetime. Legal successor of Georges Braque, Armand Israël has published several books on this artist, and he is preparing a descriptive catalogue of the 1961-1963 works of art.

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