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Oronoz Fotos

The very best archive for Fine Art from Spain and Latin America,.

HISPANIC ART AND HISTORY. Over 10,000 paintings and sculptures from museums and private collections in Spain. Main museums : Madrid: Prado (3 500 works), Museum Reina Sofia (560), Nautical Museum (700), Academia San Fernando (215), Museum Taurino, Romantic Museum, Monastic Library, Natural history Museum , War Museum, Historical academy; Barcelona: Museum of Modern Art ; Valencia: Municipal Museum ; Sevilla: Fine Art Museum ; Toledo: Museum Santa Cruz, etc. Some 7,000 works and documents from Latin America. Main museums: Mexico: National History Museum, Museum of Modern Art, National Anthropological Museum, Venta Museum; Lima: Gold Museum ; Bogota: Gold museum, Colonial Museum; Madrid: Museo America ; Buenos Aires: Historical National Museum. Thousands of documents and photographs about Hispanic history

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