Anniversaries & events
MARCH 2020
12 March : 90th anniversary of the Dandi March
Mahatma Gandhi with his followers during the Salt March in India in March 1930. Colourized photo.
Photo12/Ullstein Bild
13 March : Turner exhibited in Paris
William Turner, 'Approach to Venice', 1844, Oil on canvas (62 x 94 cm), located at the National Gallery of Art in Washington.
Photo12/Liszt Collection
13 March: 10th anniversary of the death of French singer Jean Ferrat
Jean Ferrat, portrait circa 1978.
Photo12/Alamy/United Archives GmbH
25 March : exhibition 'Pompeii' in Paris
Plaster cast of a dying man, grain storage of the Forum, Pompeji, Campania, Italy, Europe.
30 March: 70th anniversary of the death of Léon Blum
Portrait of Léon Blum in 1931.
Photo12/Ullstein Bild
31 March: 40th anniversary of the death of Jesse Owens
American sprinter Jesse Owens passing the finish line during the Summer Olympic Games in Berlin, on August 3, 1936.
Photo12/Ullstein Bild
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